With our broad experience in assessing and recruiting talented executives we have developed a process where we help businesses assess their internal potential, talent and risks. In this process we have employed the leading psychometric tools to broaden our assessment thus combining our experience with the leading psychometric tests. We are using the Hogan methodology, designed specifically for business users. Hogan’s instruments measure how people interact in leadership roles, potential leadership derailers, culture fit and decision making.

The standard Hogan Assessment consists of three modules:

  1. Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). A personality assessment based on norms from 150,000 working individuals and validated across 200 industries.  The HPI is an excellent overall assessment of individual behaviour and tendencies. The HPI contains seven scales that each address a critical aspect of behaviour in the workplace:
  2. Hogan Developmental Survey (HDS). A leadership styles and “derailers” instrument that evaluates 11 common performance risks that interfere with an individual’s ability to build relationships with others and create cohesive, goal-oriented teams. These include being overly Bold, Diligent, Reserved or Skeptical.
  3. Motives, Values Preferences Survey (MVPI). An organization fit survey that evaluates the degree of fit between an individual’s values and the rewards provided by an organization’s mission and culture. The MVPI consists of 10 primary scales such as Power, Recognition, Commerce and Altruism.

For more information on how we could help your organisation in assessing internal talent, potential and risks, please contact our certified Hogan Systems Consultant, Małgorzata Jancerowicz at malgorzata@kaluzynskimadeja.com.